Well, I did it!  30 days of potatoes. My experience pales in comparison to Andrew “SpudFit” Taylor, who just completed his 9th month, with 3 to go!

Spudtember, Day 16 Update

Friday update on my month-long potato diet experience. Everything is going great, I derived probably 95% of my calories the past couple days/weeks from potatoes. The odd dipping sauce or foraged tomato were my only deviations. I haven’t weighed in a couple days, but I assume the weight is slowly going down still.

Potato Pizza!

When eating potatoes-only for 3-5 days, you can get by on the traditional roasted, baked, boiled, mashed presentations, however, after a week, it really becomes a chore to fix potatoes in a way that you get excited about eating them.  Wait ’til you see what I just did! Potato Pizza

SpudTember Challenge!

Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor, the Australian bloke who is eating nothing but potatoes for an entire year, has issued a challenge on Facebook. He’s calling it Spudtember. He wants to take people on a guided trip through his world of eating nothing but potatoes.

Spudtember, SpudFit Challenge!

Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor has issued a challenge and will be on hand to guide you through a month of eating potatoes-only!  He’s set up a private Facebook page and is charging $10 for entry. Here’s what Andrew says: (Visit his blog to sign up!) If you’ve heard about, or even been following my Spud Fit…

Welcome to the Potato Hack!

Welcome to Potato Hack central!  I’ve been playing around with an all-potato diet for the past 6 years or so, ever since Chris Voigt pulled his 2-month potato diet “stunt” in 2010. Lots of bloggers circa 2010-2012 were talking about the all-potato aspect, and nearly all of them decided there was nothing special about potatoes,…

Gut Health Study, feat. Potato Starch

  A great study out of Denmark last week. Nineteen people between 39 and 75, all with metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.), were given a low-fiber or a high-fiber diet.  Guess what? Those on the high-fiber diet got healthier…the tl/dr (too long/don’t read) version is in the conclusion, here: In conclusion, the results…

Me and the Phat Man!

Listen to me talk to Darren “Phat Man” McDuffie on Perfectly Healthy and Toned Radio Show.

Potato Hack Reviews

The success of The Potato Hack has been phenomenal. I have been hovering in the #4 – #8 range of Kindle books in the weight loss category. Here are a couple reviews for you to check out: From The Potato Grower’s magazine: Author Tim Steele’s new book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified, focuses on…

Now on Kindle!

The Potato Hack, Now available on Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free, otherwise, $6. Also, a cool review from the Potato Grower’s Magazine: Book Touts Potatoes’ Health Benefits Published online: Mar 29, 2016 Author Tim Steele’s new book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified, focuses on potatoes as an article of health. Included in…

Resistant Starch and Fiber in Potatoes

Back to my two favorite subjects: Potatoes and resistant starch. A new paper out, one that examined the fiber and starch profiles of numerous potato types. This is the first paper to fully describe the RS found in raw, cooked, and cooked and cooled potatoes. Those weeds, they’re everywhere!

How to Buy Potatoes

Has this happened to you?: At the supermarket you are confronted with an endless array of potatoes. You try to think which one does what, which one has most resistant starch, which one is best for boiling…well, here’s the solution. It’s not that hard.