“Clean eating” is now an Eating Disorder?

Hey, all!  The new book is nearing completion. Now available for pre-sales before the official release date of July 4th very soon. I think you will like it!  I’m very happy with how the interior formatting turned out. Sample page:



Eating Clean is now Dirty?

What prompted me to write today was an article that popped up in my feed:

Is ‘clean eating’ just dirty rhetoric?

Scientists are also calling for additional research to better understand the nature of the “clean eating” diet fad.

Oh, brother.

Perhaps scientists should be more concerned with the ultra-processed food that we consider normal. To me, an eating disorder is the daily consumption of empty calories flavored with chemicals. People don’t even seem to know what real food is any more.

Hint: Not “Clean Eating”

But I can see how people get confused easily. Foods like this, and worse, are presented as normal, even healthy.

Somebody should write a book.




3 thoughts on ““Clean eating” is now an Eating Disorder?

    1. Wow! You are fast! First (pre) sale. There will also be a paperback on July 4th as well, but they don’t allow pre-sales for those. I’ll write another blog post announcing the pre-sales soon, I want to make sure all the bugs are worked out first. Can be found at: https://amzn.to/2ESKIs0


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