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Things going great here in Alaska as nights get darker and temperatures dip. Hard to believe summer is almost over. I will start writing some substantial blog posts in a couple months when freezing temps keep me inside.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!




3 thoughts on “Get My Books Free This Week!

  1. Thanks, Tim. I’ve made use of your offer and downloaded the book Diet Hack. Started to read it straight away. You mentioned straight away that you had suffered from hypothyroidism. What a coincidence. I am looking into hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue, as no diabetic intervention seems to lower my glucose levels. That has been ongoing sice I was diagnosed diabetic 18 years ago. Despite having most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, all my labs came back “normal”. Having also read up on Adrenal Fatigue, I understand that traumatic incidents in my youth can upset the adrenals and lead to the entire endocrine system going haywire: pancreas, thyroid, adrenals and Gut Microbiome. The search goes on.


    1. Jo tB – I’m sorry you haven’t yet found the answers you seek. Doctors tend to order traditional thyroid labs that don’t really show the true picture. To correctly identify a thyroid problem and problems with your endocrine system, consider getting these labs instead:

      Blood – TSH, FT4, FT3, Reverse T3, thyroid antibodies (TPOAb, TgAb and TRAb)
      Salivary – testosterone, estradiol, DHEA, cortisol (morning, noon, afternoon, night)

      The lab tests can be bought on Amazon (like the ZRT Profile III test, which includes most of the labs described above except Reverse T3).

      I suffered from thyroid issues for years as well. Good luck!


      1. The only test I can’t get done (in Holland) is Reverse T3, and from what I’ve read about it, it would tell me whether I’m in survival mode or not. My body thinks I am in the middle of a famine and is conserving as much energy as possible. At the moment I’m taking iodine for my thyroid and high doses of vitamin C for my adrenals. One thing is certain, I definitely have more get up and go as well as more staying power. I need to pay more attention to my gut.

        Thanks for responding.


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