It’s On!

And it’s official. The Diet Hack: Why 95% of diets fail and how you can succeed is a reality.  While I doubt my book stays #1 for long, it’s really encouraging to see it there on day one with virtually zero advertising other than a couple Face Book posts and my blog. A big “Thanks!” to everyone that picks up a copy!

I was interviewed for the Perfectly Healthy and Toned podcast by Darren “Phat-Man” McDuffie yesterday, should be out this week.

My Face Book ad was denied because my book title “assumes people are overweight” and “would be an invasion of privacy” haha. Gotta love Face Book. But I do post a lot on the Potato Hack FB Page if you haven’t joined.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!



8 thoughts on “It’s On!

  1. I just finished reading the new book. Your commonsense, fact-based approach to weight loss and maintenance is both helpful and refreshing.

    I was overweight-verging-on-obese for several years. A combination of IF (two meals a day, consumed during an 8-hour window) and occasional 3-day Potato Hacks brought me back to a normal BMI. I’d like to lose another 15 pounds or so, and I think following your Diet Hack advice should get me there by the end of the summer.

    Thank you for the help you’ve given to so many of us!

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  2. So finished reading the book – and trew in a review on Amazon. Hope it will help to sell the book – it deserve it!

    I think there is a lot of good stuff in the book and as I said in the review – just would have liked it to be a bit longer. I would have been interested in issues like mono diet (potato hack) vis-a-vis intermediate fasting. Still both were discussed!

    Great book Tim! Congratulations.


    1. Thanks for your Amazon review, that means a lot to me and to people looking to buy a diet book. Too short? Haha, I could have easily made it 800 pages, some of the topics I touched on could have been complete books on their own. Look how many keto books there are now, lol. In retrospect, I maybe should have released this as 4 or 5 shorter ebooks, and think in the future I will explore topics more fully in much shorter, more targeted books.


  3. Hi Tim, currently enjoying your book, well done!
    Not potato or diet related but thought you’d like this, real bread nerd territory.


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